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Welcome to my life, all those who dare to enter. I'm a twenty-something female, trying to get by, doing what I can. My journal is pretty much friends-locked, for many reasons, but I'm a friendly sort. If you want to be my friend, you're more than welcome.

My journal is a mix of fannish and real-life, a heavy emphasis on one or the other at any given point, depending on my mood. To those who know me on a personal level, these things are mixed. To others, I try to keep the two separate, for practicality.

I believe that the world would be a better place if people didn't try to use hate or fear as a basis for action. I believe that a person's art can reflect who they are, but that what someone creates art about doesn't necessarily reflect how they live. I believe tolerance, above all, is key.

I also believe Pepsi is much better than Coke, however, so don't expect TOO much deep thinking from me. This is my escape. Friends-locking isn't hiding; it's just trying to make sure my escape can BE an escape. I don't put a lot of drama into the friending issue - if I defriend you because we never talk or I've stopped reading your journal or I clicked the wrong link, send me a message. I'll probably add you back, unless you've specifically done something, then I will tell you why. If it takes me awhile to friend you back, I'm probably just being lazy.... ;)
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